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Teacher Qualifications

(1)Teachers’ Working Experience (including the Principal)

Teacher qualification

Bachelor’s Degree Program

Certificate in Kindergarten
Education Course

Qualified Kindergarten Teacher
Education Course





(2)Teaching experience

Teaching experience

0~3 years

4~6 years

7 years or more





(3)Teachers’ expertise

  • 12 teachers have completed a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education
  • 5 teachers have completed the Certificate in Early Childhood Education
  • 7 teachers have a valid first aid certificate
  • 2 teachers have completed the “Putonghua Proficiency Test of the National Language Committee” and obtained qualified results
  • The Principal and 13 teachers have completed the Special Education Certificate
  • 1 teacher has completed the Chinese Dance Certificate of Beijing Dance Academy (Grade 13)
  • 1 teacher has completed the Chinese Folk Dance Graded Examinations (Grade 3)
  • 1 teacher has completed the Commonwealth Society of Teacher of Dance (CSTD Grade 3)
  • 1 teacher has completed the Project leader Training Certificate of “Pre-school English Language project ” issued by the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services
  • 6 teachers completed the training of “Scheme on Early Language and Literacy Development in Chinese and English Language of Young Children” issued by Standing Committee On Language Education And Research2