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Spiritual Education

  • Every morning, the school arranges an assembly for students, starting a day’s study schedule through poetry reciting, exercise and prayer. Before the class is over, the school will also lead the students to sum up the one-day life in school with gratitude.
  • Every week, the school arranges a religious class, allowing students to learn the Father’s words through singing, reading the Bible stories, and reciting the verses.
  • Every week, the school arranges all students to participate in children’s worship, encouraging them to become the children of God’s delight through singing, and reading the verses and life’s metaphors.
  • The school focuses on cultivating young children to live up to faith. In the daily thematic teaching, the contents of the Christian faith are also infiltrated into the everyday classroom, encouraging
    tudents to apply the knowledge of learning to life, and create the life fruit of kindness, joy, peace, love, gentleness, moderation, patient, faithfulness and goodness.


  • Promote comprehensive teaching through a thematic method, emphasizing the creation of a practical learning situation for young children and making good use of community resources for  learning. The school uses an exploration-based teaching method, allowing children to learn knowledge in real experiences and blend them with life applications to provide a comprehensive and balanced whole-person education.
  • Use interesting physical materials and information technology to improve the children’s interest in learning.
  • Provide multiple visit activities to let children learn spontaneously.
  • Emphasize systematic writing and small muscle training, English pronunciation curriculum and Primary 1 simulation activities to establish a good foundation for Primary 1 bridging and long-term learning.
  • Enhance a conventional, progressive self-care training approach to help young children build good habits.

Example of Inquiry course

Interest Activity

  • The school respects the concept of equal education and offers a wide range of free interest classes to give students of the same background the similar learning opportunities.
    Free Interest Activities Include

Creative Painting Class

Children’s Comprehensive Dance Class

Fun English Pronunciation Class