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School Introduction

School organization : Evangelical Free Church of China

School category : local non – profit – making kindergarten – cum – child care centres

School Supervisor : Mr. Chau Yin Ming Francis BBS,MH

School Principal : Ms. Wong Man Yan Cecilia

Tear Of establishment : 2005

School Vision and Mission

We are a non-profit-making preschool sponsored by the Association of Evangelical Free Church of China Social Service Ltd. We strive to provide quality early childhood education and care services for young children based on the spirit of Christ’s love for children. The school also offers whole-person education and quality education for young children based on Biblical truth to achieve a balanced development in the domains of spiritual, ethics, intellect, physique, social skills, and aesthetics, establish the foundation of correct life values, and lay the foundation for children’s lifelong learning.

School Goals

Spiritual – We let young children know about Jesus from a young age based on the Bible, nurture the children to realize the truth, experience Christ’s love, and understand how to love God and others.

Ethics – We allow children build a correct outlook on life and develop their child’s virtues according to their beliefs through life education courses, and meanwhile, help children establish a sense of belonging and responsibility to the society, and a spirit of caring for others through a diversity of experience activities.

Intellect – We provide a rich educational environment and a comprehensive and integrated teaching system to enable young children establish knowledge, build up their self-confidence, and “grow from learning” to foster the children’s interest and ability in lifelong learning.

Physique – We help young children to strengthen their health through a diversity of activities, and provide a healthy diet and sound environment for young children.

Social skills – We offer full-time services to enable young children to learn opportunities in a living environment, know themselves, learn to respect others, abide by regulations, and know how to get along with others and live in harmony.

Aesthetics – We cultivate children’s aesthetic appreciation and creative ability based on the ability of young children.

Golden Quote

Proverbs 22:6  –  “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Social Service Declaration

We provide social services , witness the love and mission of Jesus Christ by caring holistic needs of people and proclaiming Gospel.